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About Our Services

CleanSky Janitorial Service LLC ensures our clients that their homes are always thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Keeping a clean and comfortable environment for your home and office offers numerous benefits.

While providing high-quality cleaning service our team will abide by any regulated safety programs from each customer site.

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Health and Safety Benefits

·         It prevents the spread of any kinds of germs and illnesses.

Offices can become a significant source of bacteria if they are not cleaned regularly. CleanSky Janitorial Service LLC is here to provide high-quality cleaning services for your offices. We clean high-touch surfaces, like door handles, phones, and desks, which will prevent germs or viruses from spreading and causing widespread illness.

·         Clean workplace reduces stress and anxiety.
Cluttered workspaces, dirty restrooms, and unkempt common areas can have a negative effect on office morale and increase stress and anxiety levels among employees. CleanSky Janitorial Service LLC, provide your employees with a clean and comfortable workspace to make them feel organized and focused.

·         Organized and clean office decrease the risk of accidents or injuries.

Having a clean workspace and area can help prevent the occurrence of slips, trips, and falls. CleanSky Janitorial Service LLC will help you address spills and leaks quickly and keeping entrances and exits clear to improve safety among your employees.

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·         Top-to-bottom cleaning. Top-down cleaning helps reduce cross-contamination and the need to re-clean areas. That is why CleanSky Janitorial Service LLC is here to help you clean your household and offices. From air vents to windows, and walls, cubicle areas and conference rooms, tabletops, phones and chairs, and floors will be ensured clean and  bring satisfaction to our clients.

·         We choose our products carefully. Our team ensures to use high-quality products to support cleanliness. CleanSky Janitorial Service LLC uses sustainable cleaning products as they can limit exposure to potentially dangerous or irritating chemicals. 

·         We help restock supplies regularly. CleanSky Janitorial Service LLC helps to conduct regular stock checks and replace key items like disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, paper towels, and toilet paper before they run out to avoid hygiene disasters.

·         Consider posting signages. To keep a clean work environment it is important to have support from employees. Post signages that promote handwashing, shielding sneezes and coughs, and staying home if having illness. A clean workplace can have a positive impact on employees' health and safety, productivity, and satisfaction.

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